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Votre grand concours de l'été

Big photo contest of the summer at the Jardin des Lys

From June 21st to September 22nd, you will stay at the Jardin des Lys. You take a picture of everything you like. You post everything on social networks for example on Instagram with # monétéaujardindeslys, you identify us @ lejardindeslys87400. You propose to your friends to love your photos.

A jury of professionals will select among the 10 photos winning the most votes, the winning photo and its happy author will be refunded his first night at the Jardin des Lys, offer a bottle of champagne and the picture framed and exposed at the Jardin des Lys with autumn exhibition.

Plus a second to lose, BOOK your winning stay!

See you soon.

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Next opening Sunday, April 28 from 15h

Factory 87 presents its brand new exhibition at the Jardin des Lys. Sunday, April 28 come meet artists, discover their sensitivity, their art, their secrets. The charm and comfort of the house are conducive to sharing. The afternoon will be accompanied by music by Alix on the keyboard.
No need for an invitation, come join us and live the art with an A as artist!

Anna  Jardin Lys Final

Anna Boulic in concert on June 28 at the Jardin des Lys

Anna is pleased to come back to sing and play the harp and this time in the evening from 19h.
We are waiting for you to enjoy this intimate moment in the garden.
See you soon to book your room for a weekend of tenderness and emotions.