Le Moulin du Got: 2.7 Km

Visit of the mill and workshops. The discovery of 500 years of know-how in this 15th century paper mill. The mill operated until 1954, but recently a new page of its history has been written. After dozens of years of silence and decay, the Moulin du Got is once again in operation. During the guided tour, the public discovers the origin, manufacture and evolution of paper and graphic arts. In the paper mill, you'll get your hands dirty and you'll learn everything from the sheets to the shape, from straw paper to cardboard dolls' heads ... The smell of ink will plunge you into the world of printing where Gutenberg and the typographical composition, the linotype or the horned beast will no longer hold any secrets for you. When you leave the Moulin du Got, your view of the white or printed paper sheet will have completely changed! To take part in the guided tour, make your reservation online and pay on the spot with our hostess.

Saint-Léonard de Noblat: 200 meters

Saint-Léonard de Noblat is the only protected area in the Limousin region and is labeled "Plus Beaux Détours de France". It represents an important stage on the roads to Santiago de Compostela. This city, once fortified, located near the Vienne River, developed around the tomb of Saint Leonard, patron saint of prisoners, near the ancient Bourges-Bordeaux road. It has managed to preserve its medieval circular structure, its striped layout and its narrow streets. Very pretty houses testify to the age-old know-how of the builders combining from the 13th to the 18th century, half-timbered, granite stones framing the doors of the stores, the windows of the floors and rubble stones. As you stroll through the narrow streets, you will discover the Place de la République, the house with the round tower and the one with the square tower, and near the collegiate church, the Maison des Consuls and the former pilgrims' hospital. The Romanesque church with its impressive dimensions is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the national property "Ways to Santiago de Compostela in France". Along the river Vienne, the district of the Pont de Noblat, with its small church and stone bridge (13th century), allows you to admire the road bridge (18th century) and the railway viaduct. Saint-Léonard de Noblat, an agricultural town but also a town of many craftsmen, was famous for its tanneries, its ironwork workshops (tympanums and wrought iron stair railings in the 18th century), its porcelain factories (two of which are still in operation), its paper mills, whose know-how is now rewriting a new page in its history, through the Moulin du Got, a restored 15th century paper mill (production site, paper mill, printing works, exhibitions, visits, workshops...). Guided tours of the town labeled Pays d'art et d'histoire in July-August and the rest of the year by appointment for groups.

Church - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Romanesque collegiate church of Saint-Léonard de Noblat listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The collegiate church of Saint Leonard, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Paths of Saint James, is a huge reliquary designed in the early 11th century to house the relics of Saint Leonard, the founding patron saint of the city. Its architecture reflects the periods of prosperity and the growing importance of the number of pilgrims, the nave has kept its thick walls with massive buttresses. The semicircular openings mark the 11th century. The transept, surmounted by an octagonal lantern tower that illuminates the interior of the church with its 8 windows, is from the same period. Around 1100, at the time of the first crusade, the church was equipped with a circular building with a dome resting on 8 columns. The community of canons who manage the church and the pilgrimage built a superb 7-storey bell tower with a 52-meter high spire: 3 floors of square plan with open narthex and large arcades. In full arch or in broken arch, the bays bring us into the XIIth century. On the fourth floor, the gable windows allow us to go from the square plan to the octagonal plan and the gaze follows them to the top of the spire. Pilgrims coming to venerate Saint Leonard and heading towards Santiago de Compostela are more and more numerous. The church was to become a true pilgrimage sanctuary, with a vast choir with an ambulatory and seven radiant chapels replacing the first choir we do not know of, around 1150. Majesty of the tiered roofs. On the outside, the majesty of the ambulatory is illuminated on the inside by multiple windows of the chapels where the Limousin style is fully expressed with small columns, stone tori and finely sculpted capitals, all contributing to the celebration of the beauty of creation. The enlarged Collegiate Church will not be modified. Only the large Gothic door, with multiple arches and frieze capitals, to the west added in the 13th century really closes the ensemble.
Castel - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Château de Châlucet at 17.9 Km

The castle of Châlucet, medieval fortress of the XIIth century is part of the forest park of the Ligoure domain. Walking in the ruins of the "high" Châlucet, you can admire the impressive facade as well as vestiges of its former grandeur, such as remains of stairs perched at the top of towers that have disappeared, arches of old doors or ancient passages. In the "lower" Châlucet, climb to the top of the Jeannette tower to discover a superb panorama of the Briance valley. A beautiful walk mixing heritage and nature to discover...
surroundings - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Vienne riverfront at 16.5 Km

The district on the outskirts of Vienna, at the foot of the cathedral, is a special place. Inhabited by the Ponticauds (bridge people) with a rich social history, the river is crossed by two remarkable medieval bridges from the 13th century, the Saint-Etienne bridge and the Saint-Martial bridge. Disregarding its industrial past, the Vienne has regained its natural appearance and pleasant walks have been laid out along its banks. Canoe trips, climbing walls, rowing, jogging, bowling alley, restaurants and café terraces punctuate the banks of this green river, described with affection by the famous Japanese writer Shimazaki Tozon.

House  - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Limoges at 17.1 Km

Former episcopal palace, this large building of XVIIIth century style, designed by the Brousseau brothers, contains real treasures. After having been used temporarily as barracks, then as a hospital, its decorations were restored from the Concordat (1802) and completed during the 19th century: The chapel, for example, kept its altar surmounted by the Suvée painting representing Saint Louis venerating the relics of the Passion in its frame sculpted by Babel (1772) but received, in the second half of the 19th century, a neo-Romanesque style tabernacle, tapestries, an Aubusson carpet and stained glass windows. Unoccupied at the end of 1906, following the application of the law of separation between the Churches and the State, classified as Historical Monuments on September 16, 1906, the episcopal palace, now property of the city, becomes in 1912 the municipal museum of the former Bishopric, future museum of Fine Arts of Limoges. Don't hesitate, they offer themselves for free to the eyes: a collection of enamels unique in the world (enamel on copper champlevé from the Middle Ages, painted enamels from the Renaissance, but also art-deco or contemporary), impressionist paintings (especially those of Renoir, born in Limoges), objects from the depths of the ages (from Gallo-Roman Limoges as well as from ancient Egypt).
Bridge  - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Lake Vassivière shoreline path: 29.6km

An original trail for a 30 km adventure on foot or by mountain bike around the lake: a hilly course between woods and moors, shores and peaks, footbridges on stilts, lake arms, a dyke at the water's edge and bridges made of granite planks. For the more experienced bikers, there are variants that can extend the route up to 50 km. Take advantage of the different facets of the lake and hike according to your wishes by boarding cabs. The map of the shoreline trail is available free of charge in the Tourist Offices.

International Art and Landscape Centre at 29.7 Km

The Art Center building is a Remarkable Contemporary Architecture designed by architects Aldo Rossi and Xavier Fabre in 1987-1991. It is a remarkable architectural creation labeled "20th Century Heritage". It proposes 3 different temporary exhibitions per year. Many artists from the national and international scene have exhibited their works there. Numerous meetings, workshops, visits...

Vassivière Island at 29.7 Km

The island of Vassivière transports you on an initiatory journey where the centuries intertwine to give birth, in this magical place, to the unlikely marriage between the architectures of Aldo Rossi and Xavier Fabre, architects of the International Center for Art and Landscape, and those of the old castle and agricultural estate of the Vassivière family, the imprint of the masons of Creuse. To appreciate all the subtleties, leave the main alley and stroll in the garden of the singles, try your hand at the orientation course, go on a treasure hunt, discover the wood carvings, the farm animal parks and the products of Limousin at the Boutique de l'ile. In this peaceful park, everything seems normal, yet everything is "crazy": you climb to the top of a lighthouse, Limousin cows graze next to a tagged submarine, sheep next to a skate park, granite blocks are perched in the trees, you experience events out of the ordinary.

Limoges City Pass and Guided Tours - Tourist Office at 17.3 Km

Discover Limoges? Find an idea for an outing? Need a place to stay? Book an unusual visit? A fun activity for your children? Look no further, we are at your service for any advice and offer you the keys to the city thanks to the Limoges City Pass: 3 formulas, 20 exceptional sites to discover and numerous reductions for all budgets. For a day or an extended weekend, the Limoges City pass will meet all your expectations! Your City Pass cards purchased online can be collected from the Tourist Office reception desk before use. They can also be sent to you by post upon request.

Walks accompanied with donkeys in St Germain Les Belles at 28.5 Km

July and August, possibility of donkey rides every Wednesday. Information from Mrs Collette at 06 85 73 77 58. 1/2 day: 60 €/ group (5 people maximum) 1 day: 90 €/ group upon request, we prepare a countryside picnic and snack (price according to number of people) Hikes: 2 days with return in the evening at the farm 150 € for the 1st person 100 €/dditional adult 70 €/child (up to 12 years) Including the services of accompaniment, 2 nights at the cottage, 2 picnics. You prepare your breakfast and evening meal. 2 days in itinerancy, one night in an outdoor gîte 200 € for the 1st person150 €/additional adult 120 €/child. Discovery of the donkey for children: ½ day especially studied for children with rides in saddle or carriage as well as games in the woods of the property.the children go to pick up the donkeys in the meadow, brush them and prepare them for walks and games in the woods, snack in the clearing. On their return, the donkeys are cared for, fed and brought back to the meadow.½ day: 25 € /child, 60 € / group, with snack.Group: 3 children maximum so that everyone can benefit as well as possible from this initiation.including the services of accompaniment, 1 night in the lodging of Chasssaing, 1 night in outside lodging with evening meal and breakfast as well as 2 country picnics. Strolls on the small roads lined with oak and chestnut trees around the Chassaing in complete tranquilityHiking, go on a donkey ride, get a change of scenery while discovering the Limousin, taste local productsTourists, weekend hikers, travellers on the long distance, pilgrims on their way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle or Rocamadour,On foot, by bicycle, motorcycle, on horseback, in harness, accompanied by a donkey, a mule or a horse, you are welcome for a stopover of one or two nights, at the Chassaing gîte.

Geocaching, playful treasure hunt at 29.5 Km

A new generation treasure hunt awaits you at Lake Vassivière. With the help of a GPS (available for rent at the Tourist Office for 4€ for a half day) or a smartphone, and the road map delivered on the spot, you will go in search of the different "caches" on the island of Vassivière and around the lake. In these "caches" you will find "Poï'z'" (small badges) to take (one per person) and a notebook where you will leave a trace of your passage ... A fun adventure to share with family or friends!

Lakewakepark & Water ski at Lac de Saint-Pardoux at 28.4 Km

Water ski base on the site of Fréaudour. Various possible activities: water skiing, water ski lift, baby ski, towed buoys, jumping, slalom. Open from 1/07 to 31/08.

Garden - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

The City of Insects: Museum & Nature Park

Discover the fascinating world of insects in a playful and interactive way with a touch of magic! Young and old, with your family or friends, you will enjoy an experience full of surprises as you discover the permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Cabinet of Curiosities, the Naturalist's Office with more than 15,000 specimens, the Giant Cricket, the Interactive Biodiversity Room, the exhibition on social insects with a living anthill, the "Insects, Cultures & Traditions" exhibition and the vivarium with its breeding of exotic species. There are also cultivated and natural gardens to discover the fauna and flora of our territory. In the heart of the Millevaches Regional Nature Park, near Lake Vassivière, the interactive museum with its 400m2 of collections and the 8,000m2 of cultivated and natural gardens as a field of exploration will allow you to experience an unforgettable day whatever the weather!
Dancer -Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

54th Mont Gargan Festival at 24.4 Km

For 53 years, the Mont-Gargan Festival has set itself the goal of animating its little piece of territory at the foot of Mont-Gargan, a high place& in the Haute-Vienne (87), through events as different as: trad ball, producers' market, shows, dances, walks etc... A bit of history! M. Desbordes, a teacher in La Croisille-sur-Briance, and a member of the Escòla dau Mont-Gargan group, had the idea of creating an event at the top of Mont-Gargan. The very first festival, which was not yet called that, was held on 28 August 1966. Today and 53 years later, 95 French and foreign groups have discovered our region, and thousands of spectators have discovered different cultures, different countries, different French regions. Since 1992, the Mont-Gargan Festival takes place every 15th of August, and since 2012, this festival takes place over 4 days. Since 1966, several dozen members and volunteers of the Escòla dau Mont-Gargan have been mobilising in the heart of summer to make this event a recognised festival for the promotion and dissemination of Popular Arts and Traditions and Occitan culture. Despite the difficulties, the former presidents, Lucienne Lascaux, Jean-Loup Deredempt and Eliane Mazabraud, have managed to stay the course. May they be thanked today!
Giraffe - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Reynou ZOO Park at 16.6 Km

Discover the great spectacle of wildlife and the plant world on 100 hectares of preserved nature! Around a 19th century castle and in a picturesque setting, come and meet 600 animals of 130 species from the five continents. Your walk will lead you through trees several hundred years old and to the discovery of more than 120 species of plants.

Garden - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

City of Insects: the garden at 29.8 Km

The relationship between plants and insects has a long history, so a large garden with multifunctional plantations with a landscape and honey character has been laid out for the "happiness" of the insects. Buddleias, roses, and other plants attract many species that the animators show the visitors during the "walk to the little beasts". On this occasion, the pond and the big ant-hill are also important stages in this open-air tour of discovery of insects. The vegetable garden and its aromatic and medicinal plants are waiting for you. The vegetable garden and its aromatic and medicinal plants await you. You will discover the relationship between insects and plants and then the natural garden where you can meet dragonflies, butterflies, live ants, the real tenants of the City of Insects. Follow the signposts... Open your eyes to the surprises waiting for you at every moment! You are in gardens worked in permaculture, including the forest garden with its pond and stream!
Plates - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Porcelain hiking loop at 18.2km

Fish- Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Aquarium du Limousin at 17.6 Km

An ocean of curiosities... Set off on an exceptional world tour and discover the mysteries of the seas and oceans of the five continents! A most striking adventure awaits you! During this marvelous journey, you will travel through Europe to rediscover the specimens of our rivers, you will set foot in Africa where species with amazing characteristics live, in Asia where you will observe tiny fish with extraordinary vivacity, in Amazonia where famous predators populate the tropical freshwater. You will then plunge into the heart of the warm seas, in which a fascinating colorful ballet is played out. Located in an exceptional architectural site (a former underground water reservoir of the city of Limoges), the Aquarium du Limousin promises you discovery, relaxation and entertainment. In almost two hours of visit, you will admire the treasures and richness of the sea bed and become aware of the need to preserve it.
Zoo - Jardin Des Lys - Saint Léonard de Noblat

Parc ZOO du Reynou title at 16.7km

Located in Le Vigen, a few kilometres from Limoges, the Reynou zoo allows people of all ages to observe, understand and appreciate the animal and plant world. You can discover a great diversity of animals (600 animals or 130 species) representing the five continents. Organised around a 19th century castle, the landscaped park offers a unique plant decor with changing colours throughout the seasons. Activities: guided tours, birthday parties, one-day caretaker. Reception/seminar rooms: 2 X 40 people and 1 X 100 people